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The aim of the present investigation was to identify sweet sorghum genotypes resistant to the sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari zehntner. Pdf plant resistance in sorghums to the sugarcane aphid. The insect was not considered a pest of sorghum until 20 when it was found in large numbers on grain and forage sorghum in texas. Francis reayjones and jeremy greene, clemson university. Melanaphis sacchari is a small aphid melanaphis sacchari, is a key pest that affects sorghum in mexico. Development of economic thresholds for sugarcane aphid. Miscellaneous insect pests of florida sugarcane 4 sugarcane aphid the sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari, was first observed in florida in 1977. Sugarcane aphid melanaphis sacchari zehntner emerged in the united states in 20 as a new pest infesting sorghum sorghum bicolor l.

Melanaphis sacchari is a small aphid melanaphis sacchari, and it might be a new biotype that switched hosts or an invasive species recently introduced into the united states. This species is most widespread on sorghum particularly in warmer areas where dryland sorghum is grown or where the crop is planted late. Stink bug nezara viridula pentatomidae hemiptera 12. The sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari zehntner, 1897 is a key pest on sorghum and sugarcane in many areas of africa, asia, australia, the far east, and parts of central and south america. Aphididae, is a cosmopolitan insect whose geographical distribution follows sugarcane and sorghum crops worldwide eastop 1954, 1965. Sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari, infestations on grain sorghum in georgia 2014, top. Accurate identification of fungi controlling plant pests is essential in the search of more promising strains for the development of microbial insecticides. Potential population growth of melanaphis sacchari. It is mostly found in saccharum and sorghum species references. The sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari, is an aphid in the superfamily aphidoidea in the order hemiptera.

In the united states us, the sugarcane aphid sca melanaphis sacchari zehnter hemiptera. Plant bug dolycoris indicus pentatomidae hemiptera 11. Characterization of sugarcane mosaic disease and its. Discovery of the sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari zehntner, 1897 in argentina and uruguay. Summary the new aphid pest of sorghum is taxonomically indistinct to m. Pdf merge combinejoin pdf files online for free soda pdf. New oviparous morph of melanaphis sacchari zehntner on sorghum. Aphids are one of the devastating pests affecting the productivity of sorghum in many countries. The sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari2 zehntner hemiptera.

Therefore, we tested a number of techniques to screen sorghum genotypes for their resistance to m. In 2015, the aphid was reported on sorghum in 17 states and over 400 counties as well as all sorghumproducing regions in mexico. Our present study was focused on the characterization of scmv and use of pgpr strains to manage the disease. The sugarcane aphid melanaphis sacchari zehtner, 1897 homoptera, aphididae, which is considered to be mainly anholocyclic, is present in america, australia, asia and africa. Aphididae, has been a pest of sorghum in parts of asia and africa for several decades singh et al. The status of research of its geographical distribution, host range, nature of damage, extent of crop losses, and ecobiology in sorghum is summarized and research programs in different countries are. Evaluation of a diverse array of sorghum genotypes for resistance to this pest in andhra pradesh, india, indicated that csh 9, dj 6514, icsv 197, icsv 745, is 14334, is 10712, and tam. Molecular and morphological evidence for resistance to. The sugarcane aphid melanaphis sacchari zehntner was discovered infesting grain sorghum close to beaumont, tx, near the texas and louisiana state line a few kilometers inland from the gulf coast. Melanaphis sacchari is a cosmopolitan insect and its worldwide geographic. The invasive sugarcane aphid melanaphis sacchari, sca was first detected in the continental united states on sugarcane in florida in 1977 and in louisiana in 1999. Published as paper 19,022 of the contribution series of the minnesota agricultural experiment station and based on research conducted under project 2279h, supported by gar and hatch funds.

Melanaphis sacchari sorghi diagnosis blanco a amarillo palido en vivo, con o sin mancha dorsal abdominal. Melanaphis sacchari an overview sciencedirect topics. Ps2pdf free online pdf merger allows faster merging of pdf files without a limit or watermark. College of agriculture, navsari agricultural university, navasari gujarat india introduction sorghum aphids, melanaphis sacchari is distributed in asia, africa and the america. Easily combine multiple files into one pdf document.

Melanaphis sacchari aphididae hemiptera minor pests 8. Low genetic diversity in melanaphis sacchari aphid. Soda pdf merge tool allows you to combine two or more documents into a single pdf file for free. Influence of different weather parameteres on aphid.

The infected specimens showed white coloration with yellow shades similar to. Aphididae, a new invasive pest of sorghum species in north america, was confirmed on sorghum in 4 states and 38 counties in the united states. This simple webbased tool lets you merge pdf files in batches. When the sugarcane aphid was detected feeding on sorghum in the rgv and in the beaumont area of texas, oklahoma, and louisiana\. Feeding behavior of melanaphis sacchari zehntner hemiptera. A new pest of sorghum, the sugarcane aphid melanaphis sacchari was found for the first time in south carolina in october 2014. The main species found on the crop is melanaphis sacchari a small 1. Susceptiblity of sorghum hybrids to the sugarcane aphid. The sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari, is a key pest that affects sorghum in mexico. Sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari, is emerging as a serious pest of sorghum during periods of prolonged drought or low humidity. Mirid bug creontiades pallidifer miridae hemiptera.

There are indications that this aphid will persist in the lower rio grande valley and nearby areas in mexico, the coastal bend and. Our pdf merger allows you to quickly combine multiple pdf files into one single pdf document, in just a few clicks. Sugarcane aphid melanaphis sacchari a new pest of sorghum. In january 2016, the presence of mycosis on melanaphis sacchari populations was observed in tecoman, colima. If you are looking for a way to combine two or more pdfs into a single file, try pdfchef for free. This suggests that the insect has undergone a complete or partial host. Reaction of different sorghum genotypes to infestation by.

Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Invasion of sorghum in the americas by a new sugarcane. This page was last edited on 14 september 2017, at 21. During 2014 to 2016, in south of tamaulipas sites and bajio region in guanajuato, the populations of this aphid were infected by different species of hypocrealean fungi. Aphididae can reach very high populations on sorghum by the time it flowers.

A survey was undertaken in sugarcanegrown areas of andhra pradesh, india, and found the sugarcane aphid melanaphis sacchari and corn leaf aphid rhopalosiphum maidis as potential vectors for scmv. Genotypic variability of sugarcane resistance to the aphid melanaphis sacchari, vector of the sugarcane yellow leaf virus. Aphididae was introduced in the 1970s, however at that time it was only considered a pest of sugarcane. Biology and management of the sugarcane aphid, melanaphis. The outcomes of interactions between sugarcane aphid and sorghum and thus the severity of the outbreaks depend on sorghum genotype and potentially also on the phenology of sorghum. Earhead web worm cryptoblabes gnidiella pyraustidae lepidoptera 9. Feeding by sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari, on. Effects of sugarcane aphid herbivory on transcriptional.

This free online tool allows to combine multiple pdf or image files into a single pdf document. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. The sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari zehntner hemiptera. How to merge pdfs and combine pdf files adobe acrobat dc.

Influence of different weather parameteres on aphid, melanaphis sacchari infesting kharif sorghum d. Sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari zehntner hemiptera. Aphididae, was first detected in sorghum near beaumont, tx in june 20. In 20, the sugarcane aphid, melanaphis sacchari zehntner hemiptera. Pdf low genetic diversity in melanaphis sacchari aphid. Pdf genotypic variability of sugarcane resistance to the. Constitutive concentrations of total phenolics and available carbohydrates, water potential at the whole. Download pdf save to my library no abstract for this paper is available. During harvest, honeydewcoated leaves and stalks stick to the inner parts of harvest equip ment, clogging the combine and preventing it from. In terms of control alternatives, natural enemies including lady beetles, syrphid fly. Low genetic diversity in melanaphis sacchari aphid populations at the worldwide scale. A sequence characterized amplified region scar marker linked to an aphidresistance gene rmes1 was first used to prescreen for resistant genotypes. Sugarcane aphid melanaphis sacchari outbreaks in sorghum that were first reported in 20 are now the most significant threat to this crop in all major sorghum production areas in the u. Several experts independently concluded in the fall of 20 that the pest was melanaphis sacchari, the sugarcane aphid.

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