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The logic of teleological and deontological ethics is examined in detail in immanuel kants critique of pure reason. Beyond utilitarianism and deontology 25 justice in the economy, either by ensuring equal participation in markets through enhancing competition, or by ensuring a decent livelihood for everyone through. Moral dilemma, guilt, altruistic, deontological, emotions, decisionmaking. Difference between deontology and teleology difference. Deontology dutybased ethics kant learning theories. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Download as ppt, pdf, txt or read online from scribd. Teleological ethical systems essay 1163 words 5 pages. Kant has been considered as the most paradigmatic example of the deontological. With teleological theories and utilitarianism focusing on outcomes serving as a basis for assumptions on economic choices that people make in their everyday lives, deontological ethics and kantian.

In order to do so, this subject will provide the necessary theoretical tools to illuminate. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Certo e errado na etica da virtude e na etica deontologica. Deontology and ethics in social work has the general objective of developing recognition of professional responsibilities, evaluation of dilemmas encountered in professional practice and the production of criteria for appropriate decisionmaking. Etica y educacion social interpretaciones contemporaneas. Utilitarianism ethics consequentialist approach are chosen on the basis of the maximum percentage of direct benefit for the largest number of people, where its results determine the interventions morality. Part b, principle u, unzumutbarkeit, teleological principle e. I unlike consequentialism, it is highly unsituational. Teleological ethics, teleological from greek telos, end. The term deontology is derived from the greek deon, duty, and logos, science. Utilitarianism takes no account of integrity the accidental act or one done with evil intent if promoting good ends is the good act. The primary question importance of factual knowledge and conceptual clarity prevailing rules as a standard teleological theories deontological theories ethical egoism.

Deontological ethics stanford encyclopedia of philosophy. In this paper we look at business ethics from a deontological perspective. The term deontological was first used to describe the current, specialised definition by c. The ethical egoism is a teleological theory that posits, an action is good if it produces or is likely to produce results. Deontological ethics is commonly contrasted to consequentialism, virtue ethics, and pragmatic ethics. The view that what is right or wrong doesnt depend on what anyone thinks is right or wrong. Pdf the study of ethics is a constant endeavor to analyze, examine, and scrutinize human behavior for the purpose of steering people towards the. Kant, virtue, happiness, teleology, moral theology. Deontological ethics, in philosophy, ethical theories that place special emphasis on the relationship between duty and the morality of human actions. Deontological ethics are opposite to teleological ethics because the consequences. The teleological ethical theories are concerned with the consequences of actions which means the basic standards for our actions being morally right or wrong depends on the good or evil generated. Deontological and teleological assumptions in normative ethics. Deontological ethics kantian ethics rests on two major claims. In contemporary moral philosophy, deontology is one of those kinds of.

We address the theory of ethical decisionmaking and deontological ethics for business executives and explore the concept of moral duty as transcending mere gain and profit maximization. The translation goes with a rather extended apparatus meant to provide the. Deontological moral systems are characterized by a focus upon adherence to independent moral rules or duties. Moreover, teleological, deontological and virtue ethics have several similarities and equal explanatory power depending on th e level of analysis, conceptual models and theoretical boundaries of. Ethics deontology and teleology flashcards quizlet. This paragraph entitled specific criticisms of kants ethics does not deal with the topic of the article, since kants ethic is only a certain versian of deontological ethics. Kssr year 1 moral yearly plan band self awareness questions. The nature of ethics or moral philosophy the nature of morality factors in morality kinds of normative judgment program for rest of book egoistic and deontological theories. The secondary aim of the research is to offer empirical support for the relationship between transformational leadership and follower beliefs in the stakeholder view of csr. On the one hand there is a group of opinions involving the closely connected ideas of duty, of right and wrong, of moral law or laws, of imperatives. Deontology is an approach to ethics which adheres to the theory that an end does not justify the means while teleology is an approach to ethics that adheres to the theory that the end always justifies the means. There are three major categories of ethical systems that students typically learn about in philosophy classes. Kant is the advocate for deontological ethics whereby bentham, mill, machiavelli and other philosophers subscribe to the teleological approach vitolina, cals, and sumilo 2015.

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 discuss utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics, respectively. If any philosopher is regarded as central to deontological moral theories, it is surely immanuel kant. Teleology and deontology in ethics1 the statement of w. Start studying teleological and deontological ethics. In this terminology, action is more important than the consequences. Teleological ethics knows several forms, among which are aristotelianism, utilitarianism also known as consequentionalismand hedonism. This unit provides a concise introduction to the study of ethics. Teleological theory vs deontological theory i will be arguing on the side of teleological theory, con will be arguing for deontological theory. Deontology and virtue ethics bibliography philpapers.

In almost every introductory ethics course the student is taught that there are two basic kinds of moral theories. Two realworld cases that focus on accounting fraud as the ethical conception. Each chapter begins with a general overview of the. Ethics can be defined in two principle theories, which are deontological and teleological. Ross regarding the two main strands of ethical thought represents the familiar view of the major types of moral theory. Chapter 2 presents egoism and relativism as challenges to the presumed objectivity and unconditionality of morality. Deontology is also known as dutybased ethics while teleology is also known as resultsoriented ethics. Philosophical background consequentialist or teleological moral theories hold that the. Teleological and deontological ethics flashcards quizlet. Utilitarianism vs deontological ethics in healthcare. The purpose of this article is to explain different ethical theories and compare and contrast them in a way thats clear and easy for students to understand. Although very influential in contemporary bioethics, principlism has been widely.

Comes from the greek word telos which means end or purpose. In deontological ethics an action is considered morally good. Joseph this book is a work in progress that is offered for free to anyone. That is, the view that the moral facts are like physical facts in that what the. Deontology dutybased ethics kant one of the most influential ethical frameworks, deontology is focused on binding rules, obligation and duty to family, country, church, etc. This subject will offer the necessary theoretical tools to address problems that social workers must face. The perspective of virtue ethics regarding the process of.

Deontological ethics i deontological ethics says that being good consists in following the right rulesmeeting all your obligations. Pdf on jan 1, 2005, deb bennettwoods and others published ethics at a. Ethical egoism, the view that benefitting the self justifies an action, is also a type of teleology deontological and teleological assumptions in normative ethics, n. Teleological approaches are intuitively appealing for public relations and development practice as. Deontological ethics according to dion 2012, deontological, or dutybased ethics. People often make complicated decisions to help or to punish perfect strangers. The aim of this essay is to clarify the models of moral thinking and doing called teleology and deontology, to gain understanding of utilitarianism as a subcategory of the former, and to explore the relation both to utilitarianism and to teleology in general of. Dialogue, development communication, and deontological ethics. Pdf this is the first italian translation of bentham s deontology. To make the correct moral choices, we have to understand what our moral duties are and what correct rules exist to regulate those duties. Deontological ethics i deontological ethics is often seen as the opposite of. Indeed, each of the branches of deontological ethicsthe agentcentered, the patientcentered, and the contractualistcan lay claim to being kantian. Teleology, utilitarianism, and christian ethics 603 states of affairs in which they result. Get an answer for what is the difference between deontological and teleological ethical systems for the control of ethical practices in criminal justice.

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