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Even short range wireless power transmission is completely. With wireless energy transfer, the efficiency is a more critical parameter and this creates important differences from the wireless data transmission technologies. It involves the use of laser beam to transfer power in form of light energy, which is converted to electric energy at the receiver end. Nicola tesla proposed theories of wireless power transmission. To avoid the conflicts like recharging and carrying its appliances of electrical and electronic devices, wireless power transmission is desirable. Get more information about wireless power transmission seminar report by visiting this link. High intensity laser power beaming for wireless power transmission daniel edward raible abstract this paper describes work supporting the development of a high intensity laser power beaming hilpb system for the purpose of wireless power transmission. Existing techniques of wireless power transmission involving a pair of strongly. Presentation on wireless power transmission by shailie rai. We design a new type connector built in the 3stage coaxial line structure, and calculate the return loss of the connector at 2. Tesla constructed the tower as shown below in figure 3.

Wireless power transmission for solar power satellite sps. Is it possible to achieve 100200w load side power using offthe shelf components. Wireless power transmission using solar space satellite free download as powerpoint presentation. Wireless power transmission parise research technologies. In the age of mobility, the need for wireless power transfer wpt is growing. High intensity laser power beaming for wireless power.

The history of wireless power transmission sciencedirect. Getting rid of cables for the ease of operators of medical devices. If so, share your ppt presentation slides online with. Theoretical background it is known that electromagnetic energy also associated with the propagation of the electromagnetic waves. This wireless transmission transmits power to remote locations. Wireless power transmission experiments at wardenclyffe. The authors are with from bharati vidyapeeth deemed university college of engineering, pune, india. Which is why longrange wireless power transmission would not be pursued even if it was practical, which it isnt. Wireless power transmission wpt has been attracting a wide range of subjects in various fields and also become a highly active research area because of their potential in providing high technology to our daily lives. Wireless power transfer wpt technologies have been widely used in many areas, e. Heres an answer that takes you some distance in understanding some of the physics and the problems. Wireless power transmission options for space solar power.

This paper deals with a new variable microwave power distributor and a connector between a deck plate and a input power waveguide for indoor microwave wireless power transmission. Nikola tesla has been the pioneer in the field of wireless. In a wireless power transmission system, a transmitter device, driven by electric power from a power source, generates a timevarying electromagnetic field, which transmits power across space. One of the major issues in power system is the losses occurring during the transmission and distribution of electrical power. The technology used for wireless power transmission is known as wireless electricity or witricity.

He started efforts on manuscript received february 25, 2011. The definition of wireless power transmission wpt can be given as a way of efficient transmission of power from. Javaid1, comsats institute of information technology, islamabad pakistan. Abstracta prototype of wireless power transmission wpt system has been designed in small scale which can be used to drive portable electronic devices. For these reasons, scientists have tried to develop methods of wireless power transmission that could cut the clutter or lead to clean sources of electricity. Ideal for continuous or instantaneous supply of electricity. The concept of the solar power satellite sps is very simple. A seminar report on wireless power transmission slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. What you want sounds a lot like how a transformer works but without the magnetic core shared by the primary and secondary windings. Jonathan raimans final electronics 128 project, at pomona college, ca, in the spring of 2011. Understanding low frequency nonradiative power transfer pdf. Wireless power transmission by magnetic resonance circuits.

Wireless power transmission wpt is the efficient transmission of electrical power from one point to another through a vacuum or an atmosphere without the use of wire or any other substance. Witricity will ensure that the cell phones, laptops, ipods and other power hungry devices get charged on their own, eliminating the need of. Wireless power transmission is a means by which large amounts of electrical energy may be transmitted through the atmosphere from a power source in one location to a receiver and consumer of electric power at another location. Wireless power transmission system would completely eliminates the existing hightension power transmission line cables, towers and sub stations between the generating station and consumers and facilitates the interconnection of electrical generation plants on global scale. Were as the conventional energy is using the wires. Wireless power transmission working,application,types. Long range, wireless power transmission electrical. Also the high frequency current of tesla coil, could light lamps filled with gas like neon. Wireless transmission of electrical power overview of. In 1899 nikola tesla was able to light lamps over 25 miles away without using wires. Conference proceedings apmc, 2010 asiapacific, dec 2010, pp. Wireless power transfer wpt, wireless power transmission, wireless energy transmission wet, or electromagnetic power transfer is the transmission of electrical energy without wires as a physical link. Design a prototype of wireless power transmission system. Wireless power transmission authorstream presentation.

Wireless power transmission according to the researchers, when the magnetic fields have the same resonation around the coils, the current will be induced in a different manner. But, the wire transmission is made possible by using various technologies. The basis of a wireless power system involves essentially two coils a transmitter and receiver coil. Wireless transmission is the property of its rightful owner. A solar energy collector to convert the solar energy.

Wireless power transmission for solar power satellite sps second draft by n. Modulating wireless power signal to carry data bidirectionally. It is a gigantic satellite designed as an electric power plant orbiting the earth which uses wireless power transmission of space based solar power. The history of wireless power transmission 11 5e 5.

Engineering, nmam institute of technology, nitte, presentation report. Abstract the advent of various wireless technologies. Wireless power transmission has great demand in the consumer electronics, for example laptop, tablets, smartphones and other devices. Wireless power transmission through solar power system. Future with wireless power transfer technology hilaris. Wireless power transfer wpt, wireless power transmission, wireless energy transmission. The theory was proved by placing a curved wire coil as an inductor along with a capacitance plate at each end of the coil. Wireless power transmission shopping cart you are here home itu publications radiocommunication itur itur questions spectrum management wireless power transmission. Wireless power transmission is a process that occurs in a system, where power source transmits electromagnetic energy to electric load with no wires. We can use theoretically all electromagnetic waves for a wireless power transmission wpt. Brown collection efficiency of the rectenna by placing the rectenna elements closer together and to use a gaussian beam launching horn that keeps all of the power focussed upon the rectenna. The system shown in this video was build by cornell college.

Only a part of wpt system is discussed below, which includes radiating and. Applications of wireless power transmission via radio frequency beam sm series spectrum management. The percentage of loss of power during transmission and distribution is approximated as 26%. Rf wireless power transmission consists of a discussion of choice of frequency, transmitter technology, transmit aperture for given distance, towers for lineofsight transmission, rectenna array size and dc reconfiguration. Wireless power transfer wpt has been made feasible in recent years due to advances in technology and better the mpt system works by converting power to microwaves through a microwave generator and then transmitting that power through free space where it is received and converted back to power at a special device called a rectenna. Wireless power transmission is the way to transfer power without using wire. Fortunately, civilization is built on what matters, not what a person or persons think is cool.

Wireless power transfer, inductive coupling, resonant coupling. The transmission of energy from one place to another without using the wires. Wireless electricity or witricity seminar report,pdf,ppt. Wireless transmission is useful in cases where interconnecting wires are inconvenient, hazardous, or impossible. Wireless power transmission wpt wireless energy transfer or wireless power is the transmission of electrical energy from a.

Wireless power transmission using solar space satellite. The existing studies on wireless power transmission wpt systems for wireless capsule endoscopy wce have been selected from our comprehensive literature search. Wireless power transmission ppt free download as powerpoint presentation. Wireless power transfer involves the transmission of power from a power source to an electrical load without connectors, across an air gap. While the idea may sound futuristic, it isnt particularly new. Wireless power transmission for solar power satellite is the property of its rightful owner. The laser gets powered using sources like sun or any electricity generator and accordingly generates high intensity focused light. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. A wireless power transmission system based on evanescent waves and resonance. Wireless power transmission options for space solar power seth potter1, mark henley1, dean davis1, andrew born1, martin bayer1, joe howell2, and john mankins3 1the boeing company, 2nasa marshall space flight center, 3formerly nasa hq, currently artemis innovation management solutions llc abstract for a presentation to be given at the state of space solar power technology workshop. Seminar report in ms word, pdf and power point presentation for applied electronics, computer science, biotechnology, electronics and telecommunication, instrumentation, electrical, civil, chemical, mechanical, information technology and. We design a new type connector built in the 3stage coaxial line structure, and calculate the.

Application of wireless power transmission systems in. Wireless power transmission wpt is useful technology in near future. Power point presentation on wireless power transmission. Pdf feasibility of wireless power transmission rajen biswa.

Patent landscape analysis executive summary as mobile technology advances and adds more and more features, devices such as wearables, tablets and smartphones get used for longer durations. Effectiveness of wireless power transmission wpt depends on many parameters. The wireless power transmission will be mandatory to use in the near future because this. Wireless power transmission in the smarthome duke electrical. With this development, the need to keep the devic es adequately charged at all times becomes important. University of hong kong conducted study in midrange wireless power transfer. Transmission of electrical energy from one object to another without the use of wires is called as witricity. Wpt can be used for applications where either an instantaneous amount or a continuous delivery of energy is needed, but where conventional wires are. Wireless power transmission to uav using laser beaming. The main contribution of this research is utilizing high intensity lasers to illuminate vertical.

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