Shohoku nba 2k13 patch

For now i still find nba 2k10 has a much better gameplay beca use its r eally much ea sier to control and not that complicated compare to all the newer nba 2k12 version like nba 2k12 and the latest one which is nba 2k. Already released on playstation 4, 2k games has promised that the bug fixes and gameplay additions will be unleashed for xbox one. This patch for slamdunk 2k mod updates the cyberface of ryota miyagi of the team shohoku. Get to play as sakuragi, miyagi, mitsui, akagi and rukawa by overwriting files on your nba2k11 folder and voila, team shohoku. Run nba 2k and go to options loadsave load select the roster file 5. The only notes that were posted for the patch was on ps4. Clocking in at over 5gb, the nba 2k18 update, some of the big changes include a native 4k resolution at 60 framespersecond support for the xbox one x version, player action photos being updated to.

Jul 24, 20 type in %appdata% and press enter to make a new window pop up. Contains the updated scoreboard logos files for nba, compatible with the default nba 2k scoreboard file for the meds nba roster. According to ronnie2k, the nba 2k patch should arrive sometime tomorrow most likely in the morning for 360 and later in the afternoon for ps3. Powercolor ax5770 1gb ddr5 stock clock 8751225mhz\rhd. Maxed out settings x8msaa 1440x900 75hz fps w fraps. Nba 2k milwaukee bucks 2014 court patch fiba 2k mod v1. Other users have noticed that the servers are running okay now. Tutorial on how to install the kuroko no basket v slam dunk mod for nba 2k14, developed by medevenx. Includes home and away jerseys real varsity jacket uniform removed the name at the back of the jersey. May 01, 20 nba 2k slam dunk patch slam dunk 2k gameplay.

Copy all the iff files to you nba 2k14 main folder 32bit. Sponsored link tutorial learn how to download kuroko v slam dunk ft. Patches, mods, updates, cyber faces, rosters, jerseys, arenas for nba 2k12. Top 25 nba slam dunk contest dunks of all time 20002016 hd best list duration. Contains the floors files that updates the nba courts to the 20162017 nba season contains the team files that updates the crowds for the 16 playoff teams from regular crowds to playoff crowds. It said improved the stability of the title in addition to a number of general improvements to the user experience. Nba 2k14 nextgen patch adds gameplay improvements, fixes. This is an update to the jerseys of shohoku in slam dunk 2k mod to match the uniforms that appeared in the anime. Jul 29, 2011 same here, but i prefer mine on the ps3. Nba 2k shohoku vs kainan slam dunk pc gameplay youtube.

Home national basketball association sports scribd. Dear boys is a free, fanmade addon for the pc version of nba 2k14. Ranked games and online association will no longer be available. Its driftingquote, the creator of the popular not really lol kuroko no basket roster on 2k18 for pc. This is a list of official patches also referred to as title updates that have been released for nba 2k16, along with their release notes. Rookie stephen curry 1st career triple double 2010. Jan 31, 2018 the developers for nba 2k have released the games ninth patch. Slam dunk finale del manga shohoku vs sanooh ultimo minuto. Slam dunk 2k team shohoku jersey patch download at 4shared. Enjoy the slamdunk teams, space jam and kurokos basketball experience. Kuroko no basketslam dunk roster for 2k19 nba 2k19. Kuroko v slam dunk nba 2k14 mod tutorial how to install. Read the notes below for more information about this mod.

Apr 07, 2017 the newest update for nba 2k17 has been released for ps4 and xb1. It is still with approval at microsoft, hopeful that itll be released soon. New nba 2k17 patch out now on ps4, fixes some of your. Nba 2k10 shohoku team patch screenshots just wanna share the screenshots of my game in nba 2k10 shohoku team patch. Now with red and white jerseylink in description duration.

The leading nba 2k site, offering news, updates, rosters, mods, tutorials, patch and downloadable content for nba 2k, nba 2k14, nba 2k15 nba 2k16. Slam dunk 2k desktop icons team ryonan jersey patch team shohoku jersey. Oct 16, 2017 2k sports has announced a new patch for nba 2k18. The most recent patch is v5, released on january 25th, 2016 for pc, playstation 4, and xbox one. Nba 2k shohoku vs kainan slam dunk pc gameplay duration. Nba 2k17 has been updated on ps4, with pc and xbox one updates on their way shortly. Nlsc forum 92 dream teamtaylor swiftbtsrmslam dunk. Open 2k sports folder nba 2k saves or follow this path c. Were still awaiting patch notes, but its very likely this includes some quick fixes to some major issues like the myplayer bug which has cropped.

Nba 2k18s upcoming patch detailed trueachievements. Download shohoku team patch for nba 2k12 at moddingway. Oct 14, 2016 the new nba 2k17 patch also fixes an issue related to uniform colors clashing in some matchups, while it also clears out a problem where you wouldnt be given a win if your opponent disconnected. This is an unofficial patch for nba2k9, it includes 6 slam dunk teams, player models. Dec 20, 20 nba 2k14 received its third patch for nextgeneration consoles today, introducing gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and technical updates to mycareer and mygm, 2k revealed on its official blog. Patch 7 live on ps4 and xbox one patch notes confirmed a new nba 2k18 update has been launched, with patch 7 now live to download on ps4 and xbox one. General continued improvements have been made to the face scanning process. General added support to view the uniform your opponent selects prior to starting a play now online game. Xbox oneps4 nba 2k14 patch 5 notes 2k david created may 20, 2014 22.

Shohoku kaede rukawa, takenori akagi, hisashi mitsui, ryota miyagi. Slam dunk, kuroko no basket and dear boys mod patch for nba 2k14 pc. Yes, were talking about the shohoku from the anime series slam dunk. This is an update to the jerseys of shohoku in slam dunk 2k mod to match the uniforms that appeared in. This includes nba 2k12 and nba 2k official and custom rosters, news, game mods, arena or court patches, floor textures, cyber faces, jersey mods, myplayer mycareer patches, customized shoes, tutorials, my player cheats, updates and many more. Jul 15, 2014 rookie stephen curry 1st career triple double 2010. New nba 2k18 patch just hit, awaiting patch notes operation.

Operations sports noticed that one of the things the new nba 2k15 patch addresses is that it fixes a glitch with shoes. Slam dunk contest are only available if you play my player and. Nba 2k shohoku vs kainan slam dunk pc gameplay video. Includes all the recent patches and new cyber faces created by various modders.

Nba 2k17 slamdunk mod by 2ktons released shuajota your. Nba 2k18 didnt get off to the best of starts when it launched on the nintendo switch on 15th september. Open 2k sports folder nba 2k folder then saves folder. Nba today video, clothes in the park when signing into a first party account after having already booted the game. The patch arrives much faster than earlier anticipated. I am happy to announce that i will be fully converting the roster over from 2k18 to 2k19 asap along with the addition of slam dunk teams. Here is the full list of teams that will be offered and what teams they will replace. This one isnt designed to fix or shore up any areas of gameplay, it exclusively adds the nba 2k league combine to the dashboard. Official roster update october a mod for nba 2k nba 2k game files othermisc. Its being referred to as patch 12, but while its downloading on your ps4, the version is called 1. Results 1 25 org, nba 2k mods, nba2k patch, nba, nba 2k12.

Contains the necessary online data files by 2k sports collaborator update packs 30team court update pack kieler 2ks 16team playoffs crowd pack. Full details on the nba 2k patch will be released tomorrow, but he did mention many fixes are coming for gameplay, mycareer, association and. The long wait is over for all the basketball anime and manga fans out there. Type in %appdata% and press enter to make a new window pop up. Out now on playstation 4 and due soon for xbox one, nintendo switch, and pc, the patch adds new content, and also makes changes and fixes many bugs. Jul 23, 2009 slam dunk in nba2k9 by poly28 on thu jul 23, 2009 2.

Please share this page if you enjoy playing slam dunk and this mod. Shohoku, kainan, ryonan, shoyo, slamdunk allstars, kuroko team kiseki no sedai and many more. Sep 28, 2017 nba 2k slam dunk patch \r\rslam dunk 2k gameplay. The latest update for nba2k14 was released on 123115 when the servers were officially discontinued. Did you know that you can play as shohoku on nba2k11 via a single patch. Nba 2k18 update released, see the patch notes here. Nov, 2015 the nba 2k16 patch update v3 has been approved by sony and was just released on the playstation 4 in us. May 22, 2017 im on it o do want to share fast but sometimes it has a invisible bug so better be patient il be rlsd today v1 portraits v1 new roster with right abb and i rechanged name kanagawa shohoku to shohoku kanagawa abb is shk then i added 2nd team but beta only team ryonan replaced to laboral named as ryonan kanagawa it only has team court team jersey but for the player currently pending making on it. All the other teams will be added on the next updates. This mod for pc allows you to play slamdunk teams in nba 2k along with kuroko no basuke allstar team. The full patch notes have been revealed for you to read. Nba 2k18 update released, see the patch notes here gamespot. Nba2k9 slam dunk anime patch mod for nba live 09 mod db.

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