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This book draws together a number of different topics relating to masonic conduct and provides a comprehensive guide to masonic behaviour and practice. For the 21st century masonic officer tools for the 21st century mason volume 2. This book contains the complete ceremony of the entered apprentice degree, the official emulation lectures explaining the symbolism of the first degree. As one of the worlds most famous mysterious societies, freemasons remain the largest fraternal organization in the world. In these books many expressions are represented only by their initial letter or, in the case of passwords and similar words simply by a blank underscore line. Ritual and ceremonial english knight of the sword american knight of the east american knight of the east and west american ritual for the installation of officers american york rite sovereign college of northamerica. If you wish to browse the the masonic trowel website while listening to these audios, a link will be provided to this websites main page which will open in a separate windowtab on your browser. Local lodge shall be the custodian of all rituals issued to hisher lodge.

Grand council of knight masons was formally constituted in 1923 to look after the degrees which were previously worked by royal arch chapters, preceptories of high knight templars and even a prince rose croix chapter. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. Thats an additional 28 titles made available only on presentation of a recently paid dues card. Written in the 19th century, duncans ritual, as it is known, has been republished numerous times. As a donor, you also get free access to the restricted section of this library. Red cross of constantine knight grand cross of constantine collarette star silver plated and enameled jewel with 4. Knight templar drill regulation and manual of asylum. The grand council of knight masons, usa was founded on february 18, 1967. Discover masonic symbols, knights templar lodges and masonic reglia rituals rings illuminati. Masonic rituals craft members gloves craft provincial district lapel pins masonic royal arch members craft lodge sundries cufflinks masonic mark members knights templar royal arch provincial district mark provincial district royal arch sundries mark lodge sundries royal ark mariner member royal ark mariner sundries royal ark mariner provincial allied masonic. By this, i dont just mean getting the words wrong i mean ritual that is drab and uninspiring, which fails to actually teach a candidate. Coderitual books my freemasonry freemason information. Members of the order meet in councils of knight masons which are governed by the grand council of knight masons, usa. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no kindle device required.

Standard masonic monitor of the degrees of entered apprentice, fellow craft and master mason, as exemplified under sanction of the grand lodges of the united states new york. Ritual abuse and secret societies information outline. George lauterer corporation books for masonic body. The code bookcipher book is printed by an outside company whose ritual books are the official ones in some states. It also contains instructional rubric on ritual procedure and practice which are now and for the first time ever printed in red italics for easy discrimination as in the pocket edition. This book presents details of masonic initiation rituals, along with grips, passwords and regalia. So, here masonic collection presents you a wide range of ritual books for all orders including aldersgate, book of constitutions ugle, emulation books, passing cards. Here are some of the mysterious freemasonry titles i have sold over the years. The officers wear a pale blue watered silk sash with gold fringe tied round the waist, the ends hanging at the left side.

Buy a cheap copy of duncans ritual of freemasonry book by malcolm c. Another ritual which has similar success is that of the rose croix degree. The formation of the first grand lodge of england in 1717 specified that the lodges were to confer only the degrees of entered apprentice, fellowcraft, and master mason, all other degrees being considered spurious. Order of knight masons ritual for the degree of knight of the sword. Then called a lewis, the focus of the company was exclusively on ritual books from masonic craft degrees through to the masonic side orders. The following rituals are copied directly from the small black craft and red royal arch books of masonic ritual given to candidates. Knights templar ritual masonic regalia masonic supplies. Freemason books masonic books to read online, download. For the medieval knights templar, see knights templar.

The books are full text and readable online free of charge. With this book you will learn how to start your practice on the path of the dragon, establish contact with gods and spirits that will assist you in this work, build. Ritual universal working ritual large print lewis masonic. Such jewels for officers, as are specified by the grand lodge, shall be worn by them during lodge sessions.

Stephen knight is a londonbased journalist with books of fiction and. This book contains the official ritual of the ancient and masonic order. The knights templar, full name the united religious, military and masonic orders of the temple and of st john of jerusalem, palestine, rhodes and malta, is a fraternal order affiliated with freemasonry. Installation as knight of the red cross of constantine, amended 2016, sb, 77pp. Also, an appendix, with the forms of masonic documents, masonic trials, etc. Cornerstone book publishers has dedicated itself to masonic education with the publication of selected new and classic reprint masonic books designed to provide enlightenment to the new or experienced mason. An elegantly illustrated handbook of freemasonic ritual explained and interpreted by copious notes and numerous engravings. As a mason, you can earn degrees, join esoteric and social organizations, and become privy to the language and abbreviations specific to freemasonry. Masonic mark master mason ritual books no 1 or no 2. Candidate is prepared by being aproved as a royal arch mason, in chains, and hoodwinked. More an explainer of the secrets, symbols and mythology of freemasonry, the apprentice a treatise on the first degree of freemasonry, is an introduction into the forgotten ideas behind the making of a mason. Order of knight masons ritual for the degree of knight of. Freemason collection is ranked in the most visited websites top 10 in the major masonic online magazine pietrestone.

Chapter and council have similar ritual books to what you describe however. Although modern masonic historians claim that the current pennsylvania ritual is the antients work, it differs significantly from the ritual used 100 years ago, as revealed herein. Duncan 1866 this book presents details of masonic initiation rituals, along with grips, passwords and regalia. Masonic etiquette today by graham redman,hb,2009,198pp. May 06, 2011 what sin did i commit to have deserved a book as god awful as the ritual. Ritual of knight of york american knights of york cross of honour. It includes the three basic degrees of the ancient york rite, and four additional advanced degrees. Its a regular handshake, except the thumb presses agains the base joints of the second and third fingrs. These books contain all the valuable thoughts and beliefs that masonic fraternity wants to spread across the world.

Mark waks one of the problems that most often plagues masonry is poor ritual. Exmasons for jesus is a fellowship organization of men and women who have left the masonic lodge and appendant bodies, such as the order of the eastern star, jobs daughters, the order of rainbow for girls and the order of. Craft emulation installing masters guide ritual book. Excellent quality masonic regalia, supplies and books at affordable and sensible prices. The craft and its symbols explains the symbols and symbolism within the ritual of each of the 3 degrees entered apprentice, fellowcraft, and master mason. In texas, it is neither official nor and i believe this is a sticking point authorized. Notes on ritual procedure the ceremony of opening a lodge. Draconian ritual book by asenath mason, paperback barnes. This book contains the complete large ppint edition of the universal ritual of craft. Knight masonry contains those degrees which are worked within a council of knight masons under the jurisdiction of the grand council of knight masons.

The order of knight maso ns is a chival ric maso nic order, open to all m aster m asons who are also members of a mark lodge and a royal arch chapter members of the order meet in coun cils of knight masons which are governed by the grand council of knight masons based in dublin, ireland. The officers wear a broad watered green silk sash over the left shoulder, having removed the knight mason s sash. Duncans masonic ritual and monitor and millions of other books are available for amazon kindle. In the modern age lewis masonic has the same goals. Essex mason magazine provincial grand lodge provincial grand chapter of essex. Unlike the masons and odd fellows whose rituals are drenched in religion, the ritual of the knights of pythias is based on works of english literaturerathbone, after all, was a schoolteacher. The york rite, or more correctly, the american rite, is based on the early remnants of craft masonry that were practiced in the early 1700s. Exposed freemasons secrets with 120 freemasonary books. Lastly, if i have the book available and you wish to read along, a link will be provided as well. Originally compiled by grand secretary of the grand lodge of virginia,john dove 18351876. Knight and lomas state that one of the main motivations in writing the book stemmed from a desire to ascertain. Knights of malta ritual revised 2011 reprinted 2019.

Digital masonic library greetings, at the library tab suggested reading of the website of the valley of schenectady, aasr, nmj, usa, is the below listing of interesting books for masonic readers and researchers. Also features the questions to the candidate before the second degree, instructions on performing masonic fire and the opening and closing odes. Buy draconian ritual book by asenath mason hardcover online at lulu gb. The order of knight masons is a chivalric masonic order, open to all master masons who are also members of a mark lodge and a royal arch chapter members of the order meet in councils of knight masons which are governed by the grand council of knight masons based in dublin, ireland. Knights of pythias phoenixmasonry masonic museum and library. Masonic ritual books masonic regalia masonic books. Masonic red cross of constantine regalia, gifts and. Feb 4, 2020 i like to sell antique freemasonry books whenever i can, particularly those published in the nineteenth century. The question and answer procedure was the traditional way in which freemasons were instructed in masonic ritual and symbolism before printed ritual books. Macoy publishes masonic catchekism, duncans ritual part 1, duncans ritual part 2, scottish rite illustrated 2 volumes, adoptive rite ritual 1998 revised edition, adoptive rite ritual 1952, 1980 editions for chapters under supreme grand chapter authority, starlight catechis, amaranth ritual. Smith meaning he would not be employed as a stone mason as in our ritual, the location of his attack was in. A must for every mason, this volume serves as a guide for neophytes as well as a reference for the initiated. All others may remain clothed as in a council of knight masons.

Ron blaisdell, pm june 16, 2001 preface those of us that spend a great deal of time traveling for our employers have become accustomed to spending many hours in hotel rooms in disparate locations of the country. We carry books on masonic history, philosophy, ritual, lodge procedures and more. Home allied masonic degrees ritual no 2 knight of constantinople allied masonic degrees ritual no 2 knight of constantinople. Ritual books sacraments are enacted through liturgical rituals that consist of sacred symbols, words, and actions through which we encounter jesus christ. Question book each lodge may purchase, from the grand lodge, an official question book containing questions to be answered by candidates for membership. Freemasonrycomprising the degrees of entered apprentice, fellow craft, and master mason, in the lodge. Lost in the mists of time, with expired s and a dwindling interest in freemasonry over the centuries. Founded by a mason, only women related to master masons may join.

The great masonic library is a collection of 314 outofprint masonic books from some of the most respected authors of the 18th and 19th centuries. Masonic orders fight severely to the publication of these texts. Masonic red cross of constantine statutes for the order, and year book soft bound cover, 272 pages, 120 x 180mm. Masonic knights templar ceremonial sword antiqued brown finish with chain.

Its revelations of closely guarded secrets make it. The following exposures of masonic ritual are provided in a cooperative effort between exmasons for jesus and ephesians 5. Masonic ritual book bundle cornerstone book publishers. Rituals of freemasonry revealed by robert lomas and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Allied masonic degrees ritual no 3 grand tilers of. Traditional masonic ritual claims that one of the first freemasons was hiram abiff, a widows son from the tribe of. I was looking more for an explanation of actually what the freemasons do in their secret world, and what some of their rituals entail. Welcome to the grand council of knight masons, usa an.

Topics covered include conduct and issues inside and outside the lodge,such as dress,regalia,membership,voting. With this book you will learn how to start your practice on the path of the dragon, establish contact with gods and spirits that will assist you in this work, build your personal temple, prepare tools for your rituals, and design your own workings and exercises. Ritual books united states conference of catholic bishops. Duncans masonic ritual and monitor will be a cherished possession of any mason who receives it. Pharaohs, freemasonry, and the discovery of the secret scrolls of jesus, is a. Draconian ritual book by asenath mason hardcover lulu. Vintage knights templar royal arch mason keystone wooden ceremonial ritual. Our extensive collection of masonic books features masonic books, scottish rite books, metaphysical books, rosicrucian books, fiction and literature, masonic bibles and co masonic books. Sword and trowel 1964 key to freemasonrys growth 1969 the craft and its symbols 1975 g.

Freemasons are part of an ancient tradition with rituals and symbols all their own. Samuel pritchards classic jachin and boaz along with his the three distinct knocks are considered foundational for any serious study of the development of early masonic ritual. Some of the most heroic and creative thinkers in history belonged to the order, including george washington, benjamin franklin, goethe, and mozart. The order of knight masons is a chivalric masonic order, open to all master masons who are also members of a royal arch chapter, but is by invitation only. This work explores the symbolism of that ritual journey from the perspective of what it means to be initiated. Ritual for the knight of the east, of the sword, or of the eagle 15. Draconian ritual book will introduce you into foundations and practical methods of draconian magic as a path of selfinitiation. Tao ii had more wounds than recorded in masonic ritual one had actually sighs of healing, his corpse has signs of paralysis in an autopsy conducted by sir e. The scottish rite ritual monitor and guide 78 tain prisoners. Albert pike, father of modern masonry pike discusses connections of masonry to the occult in morals and dogma a promasonic book. The ritual is a derivative, shallow, insidiously sexist novel from an author whose ideas far exceed his technical skill.

In the foreword, nevill credits a number of other authors for inspiring him, among them cormac mccarthy. This fascinating book contains the complete ritual of the degrees of entered apprentice, fellow craft, and master mason, deciphered from a work dated 1880. However, those of us who are active in the masonic. The pythians also tended to be more egalitarian than the established orders which tended to equate the best of men with the wealthiest of them. Masonic order of red cross of constantine ritual no. Jul 24, 2016 draconian ritual book will introduce you into foundations and practical methods of draconian magic as a path of selfinitiation. For example, the redaction of a document called the masonic testament by lomas and coauthor christopher knight, in their book of hiram 2003, from.

They say a good book is a mans best friend, and it can teach you what nobody can. Under the umbrella title of freemasonry, the knight templar ritual is an example par excellence of a rite of passage, and i will try to convince you that this is so. Rituals of american freemasonry the masonic trowel. Masonic collection is a onestop destination for all kinds of masonic books. As with any such collections of this nature on the internet, there is no telling how long these works or links will remain. Lectures of the three degrees in craft masonry wikipedia.

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